Monday, July 20, 2009

Solar Eclipse 29' Cancer

Hello stargazers! On July 21 at about 1030 pm EST there will be a solar eclipse at 29' Cancer. This eclipse promises to be potent, with the before/after effects felt 3 days before and 3 days after the event. This eclipse is of the longest duration that we will see in our lifetime - more than six minutes at totality!

An eclipse such as this always brings forth in my a deeper sense of awe, it feels almost as if the earth stands still and all creatures upon it hold their breath until it passes. I feel a kinship to my ancestors, who stood and watched this same amazing event since the beginning of time. We are able to predict these astronomical events to the exact degree, location, date and time with stunning does that happen? how does such synchronicity arise? what creates all of the magic before us? whatever it is, my heart yearns to Feel Be live in and as this Great Mystery.

Astrologically speaking, this eclipse feels like it helps with emotions, set in the watery, nurturing, emotional sign of Cancer. A planet at 29' is said to be at the end of it's rope. I speak to so many people that are feeling a keen sense of something ending, but not quite connecting yet to what is beginning. May the eclipse help to catalzye parts of your life that may be stale or in need of recharing or perhaps even a moving on!

God Bless and love to everyone...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Eclipse July 7th

Hello friends....this Tuesday July 7th we will have a lunar eclipse at 15' Capricorn at 4:21 am EST. The eclipse occurs during a full moon, while the sun is opposite at 15' Cancer. The eclipse will help to expose the shadow side of government, finance, politics. It is potentized by Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius.

I feel much change in the air, beginning with the time around the passing of Michael Jackson and a few other celebrities with the Pluto square shaking things up. Changes continue and are inevitable; the question is, how will you handle change when it comes upon you? We seem to have a lot of events in the news that reveal what has been happening under the surface, ie politicians cheating, financiers taking our money. We are beginning to see more clearly what is really going on; secrets can no longer be kept. We can thank Pluto in Capricorn for helping government to come more into alignment with what is right and good. It will take time, but the effort will be worth it.

So this brings up the question, where in your life are you less than honest? not accurate? wishing to hide? and more importantly, why?

True existence begins when we are clear, honest and share what is happening within and without. This is one of the reasons that I love the tv show called "Weeds." Secrets come out. The ways people hide are revealed. Life goes on. We can be who we truly are, without wasting energy with hiding. Truly, we can only meet our fellow humans when we share from a space that is real, vulnerable, honest.

I will be writing again as we approach the solar eclipse of 7/22/09....namaste, friends.