Sunday, October 25, 2009

Major Astrological Movement this week

We have major astrological movement this week that is certainly worth noting! Saturn, the planet related to discipline, hard work, teaching, and sometimes restriction, is moving from detail-oriented Virgo into relational Libra. Saturn has traveled through Virgo from September 2007 to the present, instituting order and discipline in whatever house in your natal chart may contain Virgo. Saturn is very picky and particular when mixed with exacting Virgo; in some ways this can be very good, if there is an area where you really need to focus, perservere, apply hard work and discipline, you can certainly see your hard work pay off!

Saturn and Jupiter are planets that move in opposite ways, but are both needed in order to keep life in balance. Saturn without Jupiter is bland and tedious; Jupiter without Saturn is sometimes out of control.

As Saturn spends time in Libra, look for relationships and attention to the people around you to take priority. Truly, in this world, we do belong to each other, whether we can consciously realize this or not. Opportunities to increase relationship and decrease the sense of separation that has plagued the human race are all around us at this critical time in earth's history.

Libra/Saturn themes for the next two years include equality, justice, progress, negotiations, stepping away from victim energies and more into personal responsibility. Libra rules civil rights and equal rights. The last time Saturn moved through Libra was September 1980-August 1983. Where were you then?

I hope and pray that humanity feel its interconnectedness to one another, to the Earth, and to What Lives Us as well.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Transits this week....

I thought it may be worth mentioning that Jupiter goes direct this week at 17' Aquarius, after being in retrograde motion since June. If you are unsure how this may affect your personal 'chart', check out astrolabe for a free birth chart at click on the left where it says 'free chart' and follow the directions. you'll get a nice 2-3 page printout as well!

Jupiter is all about abundance, expansion, opportunity. Together with it's polar opposite, Saturn, it's part of a team of opposites that cycle together to hold balance in the Universe and in our lives.

Venus is at home this week as it slides into Libra; this is a great time for tending to your relationships with favorable result. Any movements toward joining together with others gets the green light; even a small gesture, such as cranking up some marvin gaye in the office and letting everyone sing along, can be powerful. Opportunities for oneness are just as plentiful as the opportunities that increase separation: which will you choose?

Venus tries to make the peace whereever it goes; today it shakes hands with Saturn, which as been teaching us about the details in life that need discipline and alignment. It's as if Venus is trying to shake Saturn out of its militaristic style of relating and whisper sweetly to just let go of the burden for awhile...Later in the week, Venus tries to work her moves on Pluto in Capricorn, hoping to bring forth a little levity and deeper relationship within the deeper cleansing trend that Pluto has been bringing to us.

on Friday Mars steps into Leo and will remain there for most of 2010....that is a subject for another day!

Namaste, friends.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

reflections on a spiritual path....or, Damn! I thought this would be easier!

Reflections on a Spiritual Path….or, Damn, I thought this would be easier!

I’ve been on a spiritual path for a very long time….perhaps many lifetimes. And while I am very glad for all of it, there are times when it just doesn’t make sense. Times when I wonder what I got myself into. Times when I curse loudly, “what the hell is this sh*t?” I guess I just thought it would be easier.

I am beginning to realize that I am a spiritual snob. I carry with me a sense of entitlement that, since I am on a ‘spiritual path’, I should therefore have immunity to certain so-called negative events on the earth plane. For goodness sakes, I’ve had my chakras balanced here! Been rolfed and had my chart transits studied! Sent reiki to starving people in other countries and prayed for world peace! You would think the karma credits would fall to the good side of the scale for a change!

So why the flat tire? I’m on a spiritual quest, here, should I not be immune to getting the common cold? Am I the only one having ‘that talk’ with God? You know, the one where you shake your fist at the sky, saying, hey, aren’t you watching? why me?? Why is (fill in the blank) _x_ happening to me/my loved one? Why don’t I have more _X_ (fill in the blank again).

Why is this? I say I am on a spiritual path, which is all about Surrender, and yet clearly, in my mind, I am keeping tally of positive this and negative that. doesn’t God know that if you are on a spiritual path you should never have a flat tire or lose a job? Perhaps I should have negotiated a better contract before incarnating. I claim to want to be in deeper relationship to What Lives Me yet I also ‘want’ stuff. I mean, yeah, I want world peace and an end to hunger and to be in the 12th stage of existence to help humanity, but I also really want those sketchers I saw in the window at the shoe store last year. I want them so bad there is a picture on my cell phone reminding me whenever I check my messages….they’re pretty jazzy sneakers, I forfeit their purchase in honor of paying my car insurance instead. These are times of one or the other, not both.

So here is the age-old question….why do ‘bad’ things happen to ‘good’ people? Why IS it so hard? Is someone upstairs not carefully tallying up our rights and wrongs? Is it, like, a math problem? Cuz I’m pretty sure I’m tipping toward the good side. I think. Although there was that day last week when I wouldn’t let that man into traffic. He was nasty.

All I can say is that I am working on absorbing what my teachers have shared with me….that these difficulties can be a blessing….that despite the so-called negative events, there is, always available to me, a Relationship with the Divine. I can always choose Happiness. Some days it may not be so easy. Some days I may curse a lot before remembering to meditate, commune, let go. But that option is always there. And through the ups and downs, there are nurturing friendships, a creative aliveness in my daily life that I can access if I put my attention on it. Through these storms I gain gifts and skills, which I then pass on to others. There is always just enough crunchy stuff poking me into Surrender to the Divine. There is no way to control the car issues, financial issues, and so forth. But I can cooperate with Grace. I can make that important to me, on a daily basis.

Now, about those sketchers....