Friday, December 17, 2010

Full Moon approaching

Hello All,

We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse approaching, Tuesday December 21, at 29' Gemini. A sign at 29' has gone as far as it can in that sign, it is at the end of it's journey. In November, and again in January and February, we revisit 29' of a sign during the full moons. It feels as though we are getting a cosmic push to release things out of our lives once and for all; I wonder, what is on the other side?

29' can mean the end of a journey, a sense of completion, or the feeling of being at the end of your rope. How you choose to work with it is up to you.

We had another planetary dance that visited 29' when Saturn was in Virgo/Uranus in Pisces for something called an opposition. These planets danced together 2008-2009 and then completed most of their work together. So issues coming up now may, or may not, be related to that cycle.

At any rate, things are rapidly changing in our world. About twelve hours after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, we will move into the Winter Equinox here in North America, welcoming in the sign of Capricorn. I will save those reflections for another date.

At any rate, this seems like a good time to take the sage advice once given to me by a very Wise Woman: (1) stay steady - meaning, engage your spiritual practices, and eat well...and...(2) do what you know in your heart is right. Tuesday and Wednesday feel especially ripe for creative visualizations and preparing for the New in our lives.

Happy Holidays to all!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tips on how to handle a Mercury Retrograde Cycle


Mercury has turned retrograde at about 6' Capricorn, moving 'backwards' on Friday 12/10 and continuing that backward motion until 12/30. As the planet of communication moves back, it will connect with Pluto (deep and transformative healing), Mars (action and initiative), and the North Node. This is a powerful time to have cleansing and clearing conversations, especially as the year closes. Do you have any unfinished conversations? It need not be negative - perhaps an opportunity to share with another the deeper impact they have had on your life.

Here are some practical tips for how to work with a mercury retrograde:

1. It is a good time to double-check any plans you have. since it is the holiday season, you may want to check on your directions to any parties or events, as well as the time?

2. It is a good cycle to examine your communication patterns with others; it can be as simple as saying, "this is what i heard you say, is that right?" before getting angry. I actually practiced this with another, after beginning to feel offense as to what she said to me. As it turned out, I completely heard her wrong, and instead of walking away feeling separate from her, we began a deeper connection because of this chance for clarification.

3. Be aware that a mercury retrograde can bring in people from your past - either this life, or another. usually this pertains to a connection that is not yet complete. I have had many an ex-boyfriend or friend from the past show up on my doorstep on a mercury retrograde. This is one of the little-known potential benefits of this transit!

4. Mercury retrograde is typically a good cycle to revise, review, clean closets, prepare for projects that will go ahead after the retrograde ends. It is also important to back up your computer files.

5. I encourage you to have an open mind about the retrograde; yes, it is true, it does not have the best reputation. But Mercury, as with all of the planets, has gifts to offer us. It helps us with communication, and in this day and age, "communication" is such a broad word! Spoken word, verbal communication, letters, instant messaging, facebooking, tweeting, and so much more. What a blessing that we have so many ways to connect with each other!

Blessings to you as we move into the holiday season. May Mercury help you in enjoying communications and connections with your loved ones and friends.



Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 2010

Hello friends,
December is a very busy month astrologically, so I am going to write more often about what is happening this month as it occurs. The energy of December tends toward social gathering, festivities, and reconnections with friends, as that is the energy of Sagittarius that is filling the air.

Today we have a new Moon in Sagittarius, so it is an excellent window of opportunity to put forth your wishes and intentions. It is good to ground these ideas onto paper before letting them go into the Universe.

After five months of retrograde motion, Uranus is moving direct in the sign of Pisces. It has had a long journey through this sign and briefly visited Aries early Spring 2010. Uranus was in a dance with another planet, Saturn, when they were opposite each other for about a two year period of time. As we are in the end stages of this planetary transit, old habits and ways may finally be dismantled. Reflect for a moment, if you will, on what you may have struggled with over the last two years and the healing that has occurred. Uranus will move into Aries in Spring 2011, bringing in a brand new seven-year cycle.

Finally, at the end of the week, Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius, where it remains until December 30th. Take time to double check plans and routes and directions.
To all of you, happy holidays. May this season bless you with nurturing friendships, love, prosperity, and good health.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Venus and her movement through Scorpio/Libra

Hello Friends,
I have been studying and feeling the movement of Venus lately, as she spent some time in her native Libra, moved into Scorpio, then began retrograde (backward)motion, over the last few weeks. She has now backtracked into Libra, and will station direct on November 18th. With this transit, what I am feeling, experiencing, and witnessing from others around me is a lot of opportunity for healing in our relationships, day to day. Venus is all about love, connection, or interconnectedness with other humans. Relationships can be romantic, family, friends, coworkers, and other significant people.

I feel that this transit has been intense for some, as Venus asks us to pay attention to our significant others and what they mean in our lives. For some, this may mean spending more attention on those you love, attempting to get clarity. Relationships are not always easy; but interest in another, and how they feel, along with conversation, has the power to move energies - hopefully in a forward motion! Venus through Libra is at home and yearning for connection; as she moves through Scorpio, she is done being polite, superficial relationship is not enough, we need something deeper. And so events conspire to push us toward self-examination in our relationship with others. Tracking back into Libra, Venus wants us to clarify what may have been missed before.

Lets face it, our lives can become consumed with a lot of details and..."stuff." At the end of the day, what really matters? What do you crave? What do you yearn for and feel would make your heart happy? Movement, attention, energy, and a willingness to stumble through are what is needed. Go for it. Reach out. Take the risk. Connect. You won't be sorry.

This is the gift of the astrological cycles of Venus: to show us what we need in our relationships, to be truly Happy. We belong to each other. I don't know about you, but I'm not content to sleepwalk through my days. I need people, human connection. And sometimes that might be messy. Long ago, a friend used the phrase 'stumble with me', while she learned to be in deeper relationship with others. So I invite that, people interested in stumbling with me. I'm willing to stumble with you.
Love to you all....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saturn shift

Hello Friends,

Saturn has finally left the sign of Virgo for good now, beginning its transit through the air sign of Libra. As a Virgo, I can tell you firsthand, I did not find Saturn's transit through my house of income to be a joyous adventure; however, I did survive and I did learn a lot. I am grateful for that learning but also quite ready to hit the easy button.

Saturn brings discipline, responsibility, and rewards from hard work wherever it transits. Moving through Libra, we will focus on our relationships for the next couple of years, as Saturn brings the attention to our relationships with other humans and with ourselves. Libra is usually concerned about what is just and fair and right and is quite ready to mediate and debate the finer aspects of any issue. They are not trying to be pesky, they seek to understand.

So I feel that Saturn traveling through this sign can bring us the opportunity to get to understand our fellow humans. This cycle favors any kind of mediation, contracts, negotiation, any type of social interaction - personal, governmental - that needs structure in order to bring resolution and harmony. Because Libra is all about the harmony. If you reflect on the Librans you have known in your life, what qualities stand out? For me, I see their keen interest in partnerships. Libras I have known have had this as a dominant theme in their lives. Many skills are learned in this pursuit! This is true if you have your Sun in Libra, or Libra rising, or of your 7th house is packed with planets.

Enjoy what you have learned over the last 2 1/2 years while Saturn transited detail oriented Virgo, and be open to the fresh learnings from all that Saturn in Libra has to offer.

My friends, be well.


Sunday, June 20, 2010



I am writing to share that tomorrow marks the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, it is the longest day of the year. The Sun moves into 0'Cancer, joining a mix of other planets in cardinal signs - Pluto 4' Capricorn, Jupiter and Uranus at 1' and 0' Aries, and soon Saturn will shift from the last degrees of Virgo into Libra.

There is a lot of energy of new beginnings in the air, for cardinal signs are known for this. They fall at the end of one season and the beginning of another; something ends, something else begins. We can't have one without the other.

The next day or so is very powerful for prayer and visualization, for us as individuals and for the planet. It is also a great time for new beginnings in various areas of your life; find creative ways to hit the 'refresh' button on your lives! Breathe in the energy of change that is all around us.

We have a Lunar eclipse at 5' Capricorn on the 26th, again featuring the cardinal signs. Pluto traveling through Capricorn since November 2008 has brought a lot of cleansing to our political structures; here in NJ, we have had many politicians and mayors in the news for corruption that has been uncovered. This is Pluto in action in Capricorn; exposing what has been happening all along.

I encourage you at this time to uncover, become aware of, and attend to your hearts desire. It can be anything you wish - whatever makes you Happy, and feel at peace on this earth. You do deserve to be Happy here...physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And please keep our Mother Earth in your prayers while she heals and stabilizes. Amen!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Aries in May/June?

Dear Readers,

We seem to be amidst a time of great change. From where I sit, it seems as if chaos abounds - noise, environmental crisis, negative notings in the news. But this is only a portion of the picture, isn't it? The way the news is reported is designed to keep us upset, focused on what is wrong. I have traded in my love of the Times for more lighthearted reading and use of positive visualization in my life.

I was just reading an article about the so-called recession, and how it actually all began ten years ago. Certainly, if that were true, it would be my hope that humanity has awakened, and our attention is now placed on the healing of the issues involved, the purpose or need for the economic crisis hopefully has been seen and the 'need' for it released. As I have stated before, I see the movement of Saturn through Libra to be a call to awaken to the fact that We Belong to Each other. What I do to you, I do to me. Where I spill oil in one part of the world, impacts all parts. We are one.

This week, we witnessed the planet Uranus move into action-oriented Aries. This is the sign of new beginnings, colliding with the planet of new inventions, sudden (positive) change. We can look forward to new innovations in the next few years. During it's transit through Pisces, we saw more acceptance of holistic healing arts, as massage therapy and reiki and feng shui became mainstream. In the past, we would never talk about such things in polite company; but now, getting a massage is considered so critical to good health, there are even 'chains' of spa and massage services!

I am excited to see what Uranus in Aries will bring to us; I am ready. And as this impacts humanity as a whole, so must it impact us individually. Add to the mix the fact that Jupiter, planet of abundance and expansion, is going to shake hands with Uranus in Aries for a bit, and I feel an energy with a strong, positive, higher frequency pull helping us to upgrade into positive change.

So friends, I invite you, allow yourselves to dream, but also to allow the dream to become reality. What will make your hearts feel open? What do you wish to give back to the world? Can you feel that you deserve it? with every cell of your body? my love to you we ride together on this magic bus called Earth.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring and April aspects to note

Hello friends, and happy spring to those of you in the States! The equinox occurred @ March 20-21st, ushering in the sign of Aries and new beginnings for all. The earth seems to be alive and renewed with life, breathing fresh breath into all of us. We have a lot of activity this month, beginning with Pluto going retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto remains in retrograde motion until September, 2010. Also going retrograde this month is Mercury, ruler of communication beginning April 18th through May 11th in the sign of Taurus. Mercury rules communication, and retrograde periods tend to best be used to review, revise, reconsider - a good time for cleaning closets, donating to your favorite charity, updating your computer. Locally we have a wonderful charity that is accepting gently used prom wear for kids who are not able to afford a dress. This is the kind of activity that Taurus loves! Continuing in retrograde motion is Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, retrograde since mid-January in Libra. On April 7th Saturn slides back into Virgo for a brief visit, returning to Libra July 21st. For all of you Virgoes out there that may be groaning, please stop. While this placement may encourage you to check your facts and figures, and to see what exactly you did learn while that planet was in your sign for two years, please remember that Saturn also brings rewards for those who work hard. Better to admit and address issues and problems than to push them aside or pretend that they are not there.

New Moon on April 14th in Aries notes new beginnings and projects are supported. I keep feeling the value of the words new and refreshed as i feel into this month. There is an age-old feng shui technique that involves moving 27 objects in a room if you are stuck in an area and want change to occur. The day before the New Moon is known as the dark night, and is best used for inner reflection and clarity prior to doing visualization for positive change at the New Moon. It takes time to incubate and sometimes our hopes, dreams, and wishes need time to grow. Full Moon April 28th in Scorpio should bring some interesting things to light, politically, globally and personally! Scorpio is so good at unearthing things and has no need to be polite in its quest for the truth. Stay tuned.

Happy Easter and Passover to those who celebrate those holidays, and Happy Spring to all. Allow yourselves to enjoy the earth as she buds and blooms enthusiastically sharing her creativity and creatures with all of us! Namaste, friends!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Astrological new year begins, Mercury moves forward

I feel that the New Year has officially begun, now the Mercury is moving forward. We have had a recent pair of eclipse to push us forward deeper into growth and healing, and Jupiter's movement into Pisces, opening up a one-year window of opportunity and expansion. I wanted to comment for a moment on the astrological weather for the coming year, as there are a few dates and guideposts worth mentioning.

We have a somewhat Cardinal year ahead, the planets forming an alignment in this modality, known to herald new beginnings. If you were to look at an astrology chart, the planets would be falling into a cross-like shape - that's the best I can describe it without graphics! Pluto will be in Capricorn for many years to come, creating change and deep cleansing in the structures of our government and our schools. It is joined by the North Node of the moon, connected to what our soul brings in to do here in this life. Add to that a few eclipses in this sign, and it is very potent!

The next Cardinal sign featured is Cancer, home of the eclipse activity for 2009-2010, as well as the current placement of the South node of the moon, connected to your soul's work here in this life. Is this beginning to sound rather karmic? During the month of June/July, the sun and inner planets will join in Cancer as well.

The third Cardinal sign featured is Libra, where Saturn has moved from October 2009-November 2011. This brings an energy or need to give back to others in your immediate environment, to bloom where you are planted, to be aware of your social connections. Libra is the sign of the networker.

Finally, to close the deal, in May Uranus slips into Aries, a Cardinal sign associated with new beginnings, pioneer energy, the fire to get things done. It will be joined, briefly, by a visit from Jupiter (all about expansion) for the summer months.

Astrologers have long talked about something called the 0 point of the Cardinal signs as being pivotal. This year we see this in all four cardinal signs. I feel tremendous opportunities to serve, grow, connect, and feel a connection to Happiness. There may be some around us who need our help; if we have received anything of value in this life, it is our turn to give back.

I will write more on this in the coming year; of particular intrigue to me is the month of August. I am still trying to read out the guideposts offered from the planetary lineup of that month. I feel that meditation, prayer, reaching out, and creative visualization will be very powerful during that time, and, as said before, we may be asked to give back to others from the gifts that we have. May we do so happily and with our own cups already spilling over with love, gratitude, wisdom, and prosperity.

For those who may have interest, I am offering a public talk on the planetary lineup of 2010 on Sunday January 24, 1:00pm at the Hands of Grace massage space in Pennington, NJ. Feel welcome to email me if you are interested in attending Many blessings to you in this wondrous and very unique year!



Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jupiter transits Pisces

Today the planet Jupiter moves into the sign of Pisces, where it will remain for about one year. This represents a brand new, 12 year cycle of abundance and opportunity. Pisceans will get the greatest blessings from this transit, which occurs in their sign. Jupiter is the largest planet that we officially notice; it's all about expansion, opportunity, abundance, and increase. Jupiter is so large, that back in the day, when a comet that was about the size of earth hit it, there was barely a dent made in that huge planet. Whatever house in your chart contains the sign of Pisces is where you will find things increasing and expanding - so take advantage of this cycle! Use it to your benefit.

For the last year, Jupiter was in Aquarius, shaking hands with Neptune. Now, it will shake hands with Uranus, harbinger of positive change and revolution. While Uranus has been in Pisces (March 2003-May 2011), we have seen new and inventive ways of healing in our world. We now have an increase and acceptance of complimentary or alternative medicine alongside of mainstream medicine. Back in the day, this would have been unheard of, odd, crazy! Now we have accepted that accupuncture does work with many ailments, that massage therapy is helpful when people have cancer, and that Reiki offered in operating rooms speeds up the healing process. This is progress, people. With Jupiter joining and supporting this trend, I think we will see more of the same.

God Bless the mavericks that learned and implemented these many healing practices, paving a way for the rest of us - the Mari El practitioners, Reiki people, massage therapists, bodyworkers, lightworkers, and feng shui experts. Because of your work and diligence, the door is now open for others. This can only be good for the world and the humans that inhabit it.

My advice during this transit is to bloom where you are planted: start a women's support group, read to children, meditate in public, gather people together to share Reiki, approach your hospital about a volunteer group of healers to support mainstream medical offerings. The time is now; the planets are behind you.

Much love to you all,


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year

Greetings, and happy new year to all! We have some exciting formations this week that begin the official start of 2010. The first thing to note is that Mercury, purveyor of messages and communication, begins its direct motion on January 15th. I think we can all breath a sigh of relief! I am feeling the collective as it begins to make forward motions in life, as if the pathways are suddenly clear from traffic and delays. Wonderful!

We also have an eclipse on that same day, a Solar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn, coinciding with the New Moon. The day or so prior may be felt as 'the dark night of the soul' and is very useful for self reflection and prayer. When I say prayer, I do not mean throwing out our wishes to the Universe, as if begging for something we need. I mean prayer more aligned to receiving information about what will help us grow and heal, and about how we can help contribute to the healing of the earth. Trust that if you remain in this energy, what 'you' need will naturally come along.

In general this year, I am feeling opportunities for a lot of togetherness, for sharing, for connecting more with our neighbors and blooming where we are planeted. I feel Saturn transiting through Libra as being helpful in this cycle. Because of what has happened with the economy, people have been forced to self-reflect, to ask for help, and those who see others suffering are naturally reaching out to see what they can to do help. I firmly believe that we belong to each other; any programs that reflect this motto will get the green light, as we come to know each other in different ways and let down the veils of separation.

Best wishes for a wonderous 2010. May your lives be blessed with nurturing friendships, a creative aliveness in yoru daily life, and all that your hearts desire. Namaste.