Friday, December 17, 2010

Full Moon approaching

Hello All,

We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse approaching, Tuesday December 21, at 29' Gemini. A sign at 29' has gone as far as it can in that sign, it is at the end of it's journey. In November, and again in January and February, we revisit 29' of a sign during the full moons. It feels as though we are getting a cosmic push to release things out of our lives once and for all; I wonder, what is on the other side?

29' can mean the end of a journey, a sense of completion, or the feeling of being at the end of your rope. How you choose to work with it is up to you.

We had another planetary dance that visited 29' when Saturn was in Virgo/Uranus in Pisces for something called an opposition. These planets danced together 2008-2009 and then completed most of their work together. So issues coming up now may, or may not, be related to that cycle.

At any rate, things are rapidly changing in our world. About twelve hours after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, we will move into the Winter Equinox here in North America, welcoming in the sign of Capricorn. I will save those reflections for another date.

At any rate, this seems like a good time to take the sage advice once given to me by a very Wise Woman: (1) stay steady - meaning, engage your spiritual practices, and eat well...and...(2) do what you know in your heart is right. Tuesday and Wednesday feel especially ripe for creative visualizations and preparing for the New in our lives.

Happy Holidays to all!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tips on how to handle a Mercury Retrograde Cycle


Mercury has turned retrograde at about 6' Capricorn, moving 'backwards' on Friday 12/10 and continuing that backward motion until 12/30. As the planet of communication moves back, it will connect with Pluto (deep and transformative healing), Mars (action and initiative), and the North Node. This is a powerful time to have cleansing and clearing conversations, especially as the year closes. Do you have any unfinished conversations? It need not be negative - perhaps an opportunity to share with another the deeper impact they have had on your life.

Here are some practical tips for how to work with a mercury retrograde:

1. It is a good time to double-check any plans you have. since it is the holiday season, you may want to check on your directions to any parties or events, as well as the time?

2. It is a good cycle to examine your communication patterns with others; it can be as simple as saying, "this is what i heard you say, is that right?" before getting angry. I actually practiced this with another, after beginning to feel offense as to what she said to me. As it turned out, I completely heard her wrong, and instead of walking away feeling separate from her, we began a deeper connection because of this chance for clarification.

3. Be aware that a mercury retrograde can bring in people from your past - either this life, or another. usually this pertains to a connection that is not yet complete. I have had many an ex-boyfriend or friend from the past show up on my doorstep on a mercury retrograde. This is one of the little-known potential benefits of this transit!

4. Mercury retrograde is typically a good cycle to revise, review, clean closets, prepare for projects that will go ahead after the retrograde ends. It is also important to back up your computer files.

5. I encourage you to have an open mind about the retrograde; yes, it is true, it does not have the best reputation. But Mercury, as with all of the planets, has gifts to offer us. It helps us with communication, and in this day and age, "communication" is such a broad word! Spoken word, verbal communication, letters, instant messaging, facebooking, tweeting, and so much more. What a blessing that we have so many ways to connect with each other!

Blessings to you as we move into the holiday season. May Mercury help you in enjoying communications and connections with your loved ones and friends.



Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 2010

Hello friends,
December is a very busy month astrologically, so I am going to write more often about what is happening this month as it occurs. The energy of December tends toward social gathering, festivities, and reconnections with friends, as that is the energy of Sagittarius that is filling the air.

Today we have a new Moon in Sagittarius, so it is an excellent window of opportunity to put forth your wishes and intentions. It is good to ground these ideas onto paper before letting them go into the Universe.

After five months of retrograde motion, Uranus is moving direct in the sign of Pisces. It has had a long journey through this sign and briefly visited Aries early Spring 2010. Uranus was in a dance with another planet, Saturn, when they were opposite each other for about a two year period of time. As we are in the end stages of this planetary transit, old habits and ways may finally be dismantled. Reflect for a moment, if you will, on what you may have struggled with over the last two years and the healing that has occurred. Uranus will move into Aries in Spring 2011, bringing in a brand new seven-year cycle.

Finally, at the end of the week, Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius, where it remains until December 30th. Take time to double check plans and routes and directions.
To all of you, happy holidays. May this season bless you with nurturing friendships, love, prosperity, and good health.