Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mercury Retrograde May 7-May 31

Hello friends,

Yes, indeed, Mercury is now retrograde in the sign of Gemini, signaling a time period to slow down, double check communication and plans, and pause as much as possible! In the recent years, our society has begun moving so fast.....communication takes place at lightening speed with the advent of texting and IM'ing, and people share their words and ideas globally via blogs and websites on the internet. Our attention spans are shrinking from the length of a full movie to the blip of a spot on you-tube. There is nothing wrong with this, however, it is helpful to slow oneself down, to bring oneself back into the body, in order to fully Feel through this life.

There are standard defenitions of Mercury Retrograde as something to be feared, of a time when communications and technology break down. I feel that a deeper meaning may be to see this time period as a space of coming into balance, an opportunity to re-align oneself from personal will into Universal will. Some may call it Surrender.

I believe Mercury Retrograde is a gift, and one that can show us where we are 'off'' or need to come into balance in our lives. It can show us what is missing, or point out what is needed. In addition, it can bring magical moments into your life, bringing people from the past (and not necessarily this life but others!).

I urge you to take a less-personal view of Mercury Retrograde, it is not out to 'get' you. What a wonder it is, to be abe to communicate with another, thoughts words and ideas. Mercury guides these areas, and as such, has the job of pointing out where we may need to realign.

A lower use of Mercury would be to see it through fear and separation, to assume you need protection from something outside yourself. I would say....allow it to be a possibility....that Merury can be a gift, a call to Oneness through the clear sharing of oneself.....a lessening of separation through true listening to another to feel and hear their experience.

I'm Jane Robinson and thank you for joining me for this blog about Mercury Retrograde. May you enjoy the gifts of communication that is aligned to your true self, your deepest self.

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