Sunday, March 6, 2011

Uranus moves from Pisces to Aries

Hello all,

We have major astrological movement this week, as Uranus, planet of global change and revolution, moves from touchy-feely Pisces into fiery Aries. Uranus will spend seven years in Aries, charging up the need to revolutionize, stand up for what is right, create new beginnings, and become pioneers in some way. Some may have a deep desire and passion to make their mark on the world. At times, it can be frustrating to 'wait' for things to line up. It is very human to want things in this world, no matter what spiritual path we may be on. I do not always know what the delays are, but something my own astrologer once said has helped me: it can't be 2 o'clock until it's two o'clock. Period. Things have to line up, and in the meantime, we do what we can, we stay creative, we connect with others, and we pursue our dream, trusting in the timing of the Universe.

Uranus in Pisces over the last seven years has helped to revolutionize or normalize many of the healing arts; back in the day, it was not considered mainstream to engage holistic medicine. These were things that were whispered in quiet back rooms. And now, yoga and massage are prevalent and widely used, holistic medicine is blending more and more with mainstream medicine, feng shui is a household phrase. God bless progress! Sometimes it is hard to see change afoot when it is slow or steady, but change we have!

So for the next seven years, we can expect more changes, but this time in the areas related to Aries. This sign rules our personal initiative and drive, our ambition, which may have fallen to the back burner during the last cycle. Just before a planet changes signs, we have a period of time that we call 'completion of the journey' or feeling at the end of your rope, in some cases. We are ripe for change but it hasn't quite happened yet.

Uranus and Jupiter shake hands during this cycle, allowing for unusual happy coincidences and chance meetings with key players to take place. Follow your intuition! And Mercury will briefly connect with these two planets as well. This can indicate catalytic conversations, but may also indicate a tendency to be sped up or speak without thinking things through. It's okay.

One thing is for sure about Aries: change will happen! It is an action oriented sign. So I encourage you to slow down and feel deeply into how you want changes in your life. Use the moon cycles - the full moon and new moon - as well as the seasonal equinox/solstice moments to feel deeply into how you wish to move. Remember to breathe! as life may at times feel more sped up in the next cycle.

As always, I welcome your stories and comments! love to you all!


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