Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mercury and the gift of Communication

Hello Friends,

Mercury is perched on the precipice of another retrograde action; from August 2-26, Mercury will backtrack in the sign of Virgo and then Leo. People often ask me if the retrograde is 'bad'. I don't think any astrological cycle is good or bad, it depends on how you choose to use it. Knowing ahead of time that a certain cycle is in effect, we can make plans to be more in alignment with that cycle, instead of fighting against it. Mercury, while in retrograde - regardless of sign - teaches us that communication is such an important and powerful tool. It has the power to move energies one way or another. It reminds us that We Belong to Each Other - we need each other. Humans are social beings at heart.

So while mercury is retrograding, we can be reminded to double-check our communications with others, and with ourselves. Are we fully expressing? Did what we wanted to communicate to another really come through, or did they hear something differently than we intended? Are we too sped up, needing instead to slow down, pause, feel? Our society will definitely support our rushing through life. Is that really how you want to live?

The people that I have in my life are important to me. I want to take my time and really be there with them communicating fully, listening deeply. It is worth it! Mercury retrograde also asks us how we are communicating with ourselves - are we seeing deeply all of our motives, tendencies, gifts, and abilities? If you want a life based on Love, these things are all worth examining.

And on a mundane level, yes, mercury retrograde can mean more issues with fax machines, cell phones, emails, etc. But this is not the aspect of the cycle that I want to focus on, as there are deeper things to consider. When you communicate, really, what do you want to say? to have heard?

i wish you all the best as summer makes itself available to us through opportunites for rest, relaxation, spending time in nature. i will be spending time at Grass Lake Nature Sanctuary later this month, on spiritual retreat to regroup and refocus and reconnect. Perfect for the mercury cycle. Namaste!

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