Sunday, November 1, 2009

Grand fixed cross with Full Moon in Taurus

Well, as if the Full Moon weren't enough to stir us to alertness! Today begins our full moon, in the sign of Taurus - loyal, earthy, in tune with the sensual pleasures of being alive - a good massage, fine wine, art and so forth. Taurus knows how to live. Full moon will likely illuminate whatever area in your chart contains your "taurus' house.

The full moon is part of a grand fixed cross forming in the sky: this involves squares and oppositions of planets labeled as 'fixed.' For the layperson, this may better be described as conversations that can be uncomfortable, but are very necessary, and do lead somewhere. If you think about the fixed signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius - they tend to get where they need to be, but not through politeness or hanging back. It's not about being mean or dominating - simply standing for the truth in whatever is your realm.

Planets involved include Sun in Scorpio, Jupiter/Neptune in Aquarius, Full Moon in Taurus, and Mars in Leo. It would be hard not to take action under this influence, but please do remember to slow down first, pray to be aligned to the Highest Good.

My gut feeling on this alignment is that it is magical; the time-space between now and the end of the month portends for great change for those who are willing to risk revealing, loving, taking a chance, doing the work. The Mayan calendar changes over mid-month; when this happened last year, I observed many powerful and dynamic changes just in the meditation group I was involved with - I do not even know how far reaching this window of opportunity was, I can only speak for my corner of the world. Great change is upon us again. Are you with me?

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