Sunday, October 25, 2009

Major Astrological Movement this week

We have major astrological movement this week that is certainly worth noting! Saturn, the planet related to discipline, hard work, teaching, and sometimes restriction, is moving from detail-oriented Virgo into relational Libra. Saturn has traveled through Virgo from September 2007 to the present, instituting order and discipline in whatever house in your natal chart may contain Virgo. Saturn is very picky and particular when mixed with exacting Virgo; in some ways this can be very good, if there is an area where you really need to focus, perservere, apply hard work and discipline, you can certainly see your hard work pay off!

Saturn and Jupiter are planets that move in opposite ways, but are both needed in order to keep life in balance. Saturn without Jupiter is bland and tedious; Jupiter without Saturn is sometimes out of control.

As Saturn spends time in Libra, look for relationships and attention to the people around you to take priority. Truly, in this world, we do belong to each other, whether we can consciously realize this or not. Opportunities to increase relationship and decrease the sense of separation that has plagued the human race are all around us at this critical time in earth's history.

Libra/Saturn themes for the next two years include equality, justice, progress, negotiations, stepping away from victim energies and more into personal responsibility. Libra rules civil rights and equal rights. The last time Saturn moved through Libra was September 1980-August 1983. Where were you then?

I hope and pray that humanity feel its interconnectedness to one another, to the Earth, and to What Lives Us as well.

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  1. Dear Jane - I stumbled upon your blog today and am so delighted to have found you! Your writing is insightful, and your knowledge of astrology is something I have been seeking for a while. Please keep writing, and I will keep reading.
    Thanks again - Lorraine