Monday, January 18, 2010

Astrological new year begins, Mercury moves forward

I feel that the New Year has officially begun, now the Mercury is moving forward. We have had a recent pair of eclipse to push us forward deeper into growth and healing, and Jupiter's movement into Pisces, opening up a one-year window of opportunity and expansion. I wanted to comment for a moment on the astrological weather for the coming year, as there are a few dates and guideposts worth mentioning.

We have a somewhat Cardinal year ahead, the planets forming an alignment in this modality, known to herald new beginnings. If you were to look at an astrology chart, the planets would be falling into a cross-like shape - that's the best I can describe it without graphics! Pluto will be in Capricorn for many years to come, creating change and deep cleansing in the structures of our government and our schools. It is joined by the North Node of the moon, connected to what our soul brings in to do here in this life. Add to that a few eclipses in this sign, and it is very potent!

The next Cardinal sign featured is Cancer, home of the eclipse activity for 2009-2010, as well as the current placement of the South node of the moon, connected to your soul's work here in this life. Is this beginning to sound rather karmic? During the month of June/July, the sun and inner planets will join in Cancer as well.

The third Cardinal sign featured is Libra, where Saturn has moved from October 2009-November 2011. This brings an energy or need to give back to others in your immediate environment, to bloom where you are planted, to be aware of your social connections. Libra is the sign of the networker.

Finally, to close the deal, in May Uranus slips into Aries, a Cardinal sign associated with new beginnings, pioneer energy, the fire to get things done. It will be joined, briefly, by a visit from Jupiter (all about expansion) for the summer months.

Astrologers have long talked about something called the 0 point of the Cardinal signs as being pivotal. This year we see this in all four cardinal signs. I feel tremendous opportunities to serve, grow, connect, and feel a connection to Happiness. There may be some around us who need our help; if we have received anything of value in this life, it is our turn to give back.

I will write more on this in the coming year; of particular intrigue to me is the month of August. I am still trying to read out the guideposts offered from the planetary lineup of that month. I feel that meditation, prayer, reaching out, and creative visualization will be very powerful during that time, and, as said before, we may be asked to give back to others from the gifts that we have. May we do so happily and with our own cups already spilling over with love, gratitude, wisdom, and prosperity.

For those who may have interest, I am offering a public talk on the planetary lineup of 2010 on Sunday January 24, 1:00pm at the Hands of Grace massage space in Pennington, NJ. Feel welcome to email me if you are interested in attending Many blessings to you in this wondrous and very unique year!



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  1. Hi Jane - what's going on in March? What do you see coming this spring? Miss your postings.