Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring and April aspects to note

Hello friends, and happy spring to those of you in the States! The equinox occurred @ March 20-21st, ushering in the sign of Aries and new beginnings for all. The earth seems to be alive and renewed with life, breathing fresh breath into all of us. We have a lot of activity this month, beginning with Pluto going retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto remains in retrograde motion until September, 2010. Also going retrograde this month is Mercury, ruler of communication beginning April 18th through May 11th in the sign of Taurus. Mercury rules communication, and retrograde periods tend to best be used to review, revise, reconsider - a good time for cleaning closets, donating to your favorite charity, updating your computer. Locally we have a wonderful charity that is accepting gently used prom wear for kids who are not able to afford a dress. This is the kind of activity that Taurus loves! Continuing in retrograde motion is Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, retrograde since mid-January in Libra. On April 7th Saturn slides back into Virgo for a brief visit, returning to Libra July 21st. For all of you Virgoes out there that may be groaning, please stop. While this placement may encourage you to check your facts and figures, and to see what exactly you did learn while that planet was in your sign for two years, please remember that Saturn also brings rewards for those who work hard. Better to admit and address issues and problems than to push them aside or pretend that they are not there.

New Moon on April 14th in Aries notes new beginnings and projects are supported. I keep feeling the value of the words new and refreshed as i feel into this month. There is an age-old feng shui technique that involves moving 27 objects in a room if you are stuck in an area and want change to occur. The day before the New Moon is known as the dark night, and is best used for inner reflection and clarity prior to doing visualization for positive change at the New Moon. It takes time to incubate and sometimes our hopes, dreams, and wishes need time to grow. Full Moon April 28th in Scorpio should bring some interesting things to light, politically, globally and personally! Scorpio is so good at unearthing things and has no need to be polite in its quest for the truth. Stay tuned.

Happy Easter and Passover to those who celebrate those holidays, and Happy Spring to all. Allow yourselves to enjoy the earth as she buds and blooms enthusiastically sharing her creativity and creatures with all of us! Namaste, friends!

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