Sunday, May 30, 2010

Aries in May/June?

Dear Readers,

We seem to be amidst a time of great change. From where I sit, it seems as if chaos abounds - noise, environmental crisis, negative notings in the news. But this is only a portion of the picture, isn't it? The way the news is reported is designed to keep us upset, focused on what is wrong. I have traded in my love of the Times for more lighthearted reading and use of positive visualization in my life.

I was just reading an article about the so-called recession, and how it actually all began ten years ago. Certainly, if that were true, it would be my hope that humanity has awakened, and our attention is now placed on the healing of the issues involved, the purpose or need for the economic crisis hopefully has been seen and the 'need' for it released. As I have stated before, I see the movement of Saturn through Libra to be a call to awaken to the fact that We Belong to Each other. What I do to you, I do to me. Where I spill oil in one part of the world, impacts all parts. We are one.

This week, we witnessed the planet Uranus move into action-oriented Aries. This is the sign of new beginnings, colliding with the planet of new inventions, sudden (positive) change. We can look forward to new innovations in the next few years. During it's transit through Pisces, we saw more acceptance of holistic healing arts, as massage therapy and reiki and feng shui became mainstream. In the past, we would never talk about such things in polite company; but now, getting a massage is considered so critical to good health, there are even 'chains' of spa and massage services!

I am excited to see what Uranus in Aries will bring to us; I am ready. And as this impacts humanity as a whole, so must it impact us individually. Add to the mix the fact that Jupiter, planet of abundance and expansion, is going to shake hands with Uranus in Aries for a bit, and I feel an energy with a strong, positive, higher frequency pull helping us to upgrade into positive change.

So friends, I invite you, allow yourselves to dream, but also to allow the dream to become reality. What will make your hearts feel open? What do you wish to give back to the world? Can you feel that you deserve it? with every cell of your body? my love to you we ride together on this magic bus called Earth.

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