Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saturn shift

Hello Friends,

Saturn has finally left the sign of Virgo for good now, beginning its transit through the air sign of Libra. As a Virgo, I can tell you firsthand, I did not find Saturn's transit through my house of income to be a joyous adventure; however, I did survive and I did learn a lot. I am grateful for that learning but also quite ready to hit the easy button.

Saturn brings discipline, responsibility, and rewards from hard work wherever it transits. Moving through Libra, we will focus on our relationships for the next couple of years, as Saturn brings the attention to our relationships with other humans and with ourselves. Libra is usually concerned about what is just and fair and right and is quite ready to mediate and debate the finer aspects of any issue. They are not trying to be pesky, they seek to understand.

So I feel that Saturn traveling through this sign can bring us the opportunity to get to understand our fellow humans. This cycle favors any kind of mediation, contracts, negotiation, any type of social interaction - personal, governmental - that needs structure in order to bring resolution and harmony. Because Libra is all about the harmony. If you reflect on the Librans you have known in your life, what qualities stand out? For me, I see their keen interest in partnerships. Libras I have known have had this as a dominant theme in their lives. Many skills are learned in this pursuit! This is true if you have your Sun in Libra, or Libra rising, or of your 7th house is packed with planets.

Enjoy what you have learned over the last 2 1/2 years while Saturn transited detail oriented Virgo, and be open to the fresh learnings from all that Saturn in Libra has to offer.

My friends, be well.


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