Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mars into Virgo

Mars has moved into the sign of Virgo. This planet is associated with our drive, initiative, and will. The healed version of Mars is that it provides us with the needed energy to get things done, start things up, have that necessary conversation, make that move. If poorly aspected, the unhealed version of impatience, rushing, movement without thinking, rash action. We need a balanced relationship and expression of the energies of Mars in our lives.

Mars just came out of Leo, where fire-met-fire. This fire-planet basked in the warmth of Leo, already a fire-sign. Now, placed in the earthy sign of Virgo, we can achieve more balance and get down to the business of taking care of details.

I have practiced astrology for the last 22 years; at times, this was a full-time gig, at other times, it was a part-time labour of love. What I am noticing now is that my interpretation of the stars and the cycles that come with them is becoming more intuitive and more general. I can look at planetary cycles and see generalist themes that apply to many; I can also scale it down to apply for the individual. But more and more, my attention is drawn to the collective, as I realize we are all One, and groups of people are moving through similar things.

So for Mars in Virgo, I will say, this is an excellent cycle to get help from the planets in the nuts-and-bolts of the details in your life. For those who struggle with ADHD, this is an excellent cycle in which to receive support in gaining focus; for some reading this, I sense herbal support may be helpful, along with this stellar cycle. In addition, fitness and wellness are supported by this planetary alignment, as Virgo rules these things. I encourage you to take the very best care you can of your physical form, and to find whatever unique physical expression supports this. In my own neck of the world, I am trying new forms of Yoga and began to attend a small, locally-owned gym that feels very personal in nature. I have a former coworker who is a current facebook friend, and I love to see her daily posting of what she accomplished at the gym - it inspires! I love hearing what people do to take care of the form - and I welcome your stories!

Mars remains in Virgo for a very long period of time, as it travels through this sign, retrogrades "backwards", and then moves forward again, so look forward of 32 weeks of Mars in Virgo.

May you all experience good health, and a creative aliveness in your daily lives!

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