Sunday, November 27, 2011

Welcome to Sagittarius time!

Hello all,
We have slipped into that area of the zodiac known as Sagittarius. The Sun placed there at 2' joined the New Moon eclipse also at 2'; in astrological terms, this is known as a conjunction, an aspect that intensifies the energies.

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, able to see ahead to distant lands, distant goals. it is the sign associated with other cultures, long distance travel, people and things at a far-away distance. Jupiter is the planet we associate with expansion and abundance, optimism and growth. If you think of the planet Jupiter, it is huge compaired to earth!

So this eclipse reverberates 2' Sagittarius into the ethers, there might be a sense of optimism in the air. We have high hopes that the revolutionary momentum that has gained strength around the planet will, in fact, create the changes we week. Sagittarius holds the space for this to occur, while also waiting to see if others will hold themselves accountable.

The Sabian Symbol for 2' Sagittarius is 'a white-capped ocean.' This can be interpreted in many ways: one astrologer likened it to seeing the tip of the iceberg, with much going on underneath. I sense it to be the sea is churning, social change is afoot, we cannot yet see the results but must trust they are coming. This space in-between wanting and seeing is called 'faith.' Do what you know in your heart is right, do your part in your community, and let the rest go....trusting things are working out for good.

Just today, I was reading an astrological column that talked about Jupiter-ruled Sagittarians as not being depressed, but rather disappointed in human nature of late. As Sagittarius is optimistic and sees the best in others, it can bring out our collective sense of disappointment that we are not getting the results we seek. It is important to honor these very human emotions, while at the same time not sinking into them, if that makes sense?

The next eclipse will be 12/10/11 at 18' Gemini, a lunar eclipse and the last for this year. I believe each of these celestial events over the course of the year have helped to upgrade the energies on the planet. And, while not overly optimistic, I do have high hopes that humanity can change - will change - is changing, before our eyes.

Must be the Sagittarian in me....

Happy holidays to everyone! May the season find you deeply at peace, with a creative aliveness in daily life, and love in your hearts.

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