Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Transits this week....

I thought it may be worth mentioning that Jupiter goes direct this week at 17' Aquarius, after being in retrograde motion since June. If you are unsure how this may affect your personal 'chart', check out astrolabe for a free birth chart at http://www.alabe.com/. click on the left where it says 'free chart' and follow the directions. you'll get a nice 2-3 page printout as well!

Jupiter is all about abundance, expansion, opportunity. Together with it's polar opposite, Saturn, it's part of a team of opposites that cycle together to hold balance in the Universe and in our lives.

Venus is at home this week as it slides into Libra; this is a great time for tending to your relationships with favorable result. Any movements toward joining together with others gets the green light; even a small gesture, such as cranking up some marvin gaye in the office and letting everyone sing along, can be powerful. Opportunities for oneness are just as plentiful as the opportunities that increase separation: which will you choose?

Venus tries to make the peace whereever it goes; today it shakes hands with Saturn, which as been teaching us about the details in life that need discipline and alignment. It's as if Venus is trying to shake Saturn out of its militaristic style of relating and whisper sweetly to just let go of the burden for awhile...Later in the week, Venus tries to work her moves on Pluto in Capricorn, hoping to bring forth a little levity and deeper relationship within the deeper cleansing trend that Pluto has been bringing to us.

on Friday Mars steps into Leo and will remain there for most of 2010....that is a subject for another day!

Namaste, friends.

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